Hansjörg Bögle, Forms and their Relationship to Us

Hansjörg Bögle, Forms and their Relationship to Us

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Which phenomena does the aesthetic circular line reveal or the number four with its related geometrical forms - the square and the cross? Which connections exist between the circle and the square? The author Hansjörg Bögle explores such questions and expands mathematical facts with exercises, which aid the reader’s ability to perceive. According to Heinz Grill and Rudolf Steiner these geometrical forms figuratively indicate a deeper truth, which can be rewarding for anybody, independent of their mathematical background. The forms presented in this booklet and other forms created by the reader can find use in interior design and thus open up new possibilities.

ISBN 978-3-941995-59-8, Paperback, 66 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen

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